Exhibition Centre Hotel Beijing

135, Пекин, выставочный комплекс, Beijing, China



Правила отеля

Цена завтрака
CNY68($10.1) / шт
Тип завтрака
Шведский стол
с 14:00
до 12:00
Exhibition Centre Hotel Beijing, Он расположен в центре города, на Западном перекрестке второго кольцевого моста, окруженный транспорт и общественные объекты благоустроены.
около 10 минут ходьбы можно доехать до Пекинского зоопарка, пекинского морского павильона, планетария, туристического пристаня на водном факультете Пекина находится внизу, можно доехать до парка ихэюань;поезд бэйцзинского вокзала может дойти до великой китайской стены.
гостиница сад стиль и типичное китайское традиционное строительство, чтобы создать уникальный комплекс, является лучшим вариантом размещения и питания;весь персонал отеля Бэй парк искренне приветствует вас.

Вопросы и ответы

  • Как далеко этот отель от Capital Airport Beijing?

    Exhibition Centre Hotel Beijing 25km от аэропорта.

  • Предоставляет ли Exhibition Centre Hotel Beijing услугу трансфера?

    Да, пожалуйста, свяжитесь с нами после бронирования.

  • Какое время заезда и выезда в Exhibition Centre Hotel Beijing?

    Время заезда: с 14:00, а время выезда: до 12:00 в Exhibition Centre Hotel Beijing.

  • Есть ли в Exhibition Centre Hotel Beijing бассейн и Занятия по фитнесу ?

    Нет, в отеле нет бассейна или тренажерного зала. Информацию о бассейне и тренажерный зал и других удобствах вы найдете на этой странице.

  • Eсть ли Exhibition Centre Hotel Beijing ресторан?

    Да, вы можете поесть в отеле.

  • Exhibition Centre Hotel Beijing Есть ли широкополосный доступ или Wi-Fi?

    Да, пожалуйста, свяжитесь с сотрудниками стойки регистрации отеля для уточнения деталей.

  • Exhibition Centre Hotel Beijing Вы принимаете предоплату?

    Примите, пожалуйста, отправьте ваш заказ, прежде чем связаться с нами.

  • Exhibition Centre Hotel Beijing Принимать оплату кредитной картой?

    Нет, отель не принимает кредитные карты.

  • Сколько стоит завтрак для Exhibition Centre Hotel Beijing?

    завтрак CNY68 / чел.

  • Сколько стоит проживаниe Exhibition Centre Hotel Beijing?

    Цены начинаются с CNY586, в зависимости от типа номера и даты.

Место расположения


  • 3.8
  • The front desk service was not friendly and the attitude was cold. The accommodation environment is good. I live in a business big bed. The width of the big bed is much larger than 2 meters. The TV and computer are all-in-one. I have to switch to the computer mode to charge the mobile phone, otherwise I can't charge it. The surrounding traffic is good. The subway and bus are not far away. KFC, McDonald's... Beizhan theater is close at hand. I'm very satisfied to see Guo Degang this time. Breakfast is not very good. After cash back, 338 also includes breakfast. The price still has an advantage. Quite recommended.Main Building Business Queen Room
  • 3.5
  • Preferred hotel for business trip.Standard Room (main villa)
  • 5.0
  • Although the hotel has a long history, the facilities and rooms are very goodMain Building Business Queen Room
  • 5.0
  • convenientStandard Room (south villa)
  • 4.3
  • The location of the hotel is OK. It's close to the subway station. It's mainly for taking children to the zoo. The environment is good and quiet. It won't affect sleep. I don't like hotels on the noisy roadside, so this is very suitable for me. The hotel is very clean, but the shower is a little inconvenient. It's not a glass bath room. Under the shower head is a bathtub. You can only stand in the bathtub to take a bath. I don't think it's very convenient. The hygiene of other rooms was very good, the service was quite good, and the waiter's attitude was also very good. There is a big pool in front of the hotel. The water is very clear. There are a lot of fish in it. The children like it very much.Standard Room (main villa)
  • 4.8
  • Going out is the cruise terminal. It's very convenient to go to the summer palace. Separated from Beizhan theater, it is convenient for fans from other places to visit the concertStandard Room (main villa)
  • 4.0
  • It's good to keep a low profile, but the price is too high, the facilities are average, and the service is average!Main Building Business Queen Room
  • 4.8
  • It's really good. I thought the configuration of the old hotel would be very poorStandard Room (main villa)
  • 5.0
  • I have stayed in the hotel for many times. The health service facilities are very good. It's very quiet at night. It's really goodStandard Room (main villa)
old guard2022-11-20
  • 5.0
  • Yes, near the exhibition hallStandard Room (south villa)
  • 3.8
  • It's OK. The room is a little smallStandard Room (south villa)
Mao Tongyi2022-11-19
  • 4.0
  • Quiet in the middle of trouble.Main Building Business Queen Room
  • 4.5
  • Good environmentMain Building Business Queen Room
  • 5.0
  • This trip is very exciting. Now the technology is really developed. In the future, I will work hard to study, stand out and offer my modest strength for the country, mankind and the earthBusiness Room (main villa)
  • 5.0
  • Guests choose to stay here every time they come, which is very convenientMain Building Business Queen Room
  • 4.3
  • Nice hotel, nice place, very quietStandard Room (south villa)
  • 4.8
  • The environment and service were good, but the decoration was a little old, the shower head and other facilities didn't work very well, I hope they can be maintained in timeMain Building Business Queen Room
  • 4.8
  • The environment was pretty good, but the room was small, the bed was small, and I was not familiar with the environment. The room was booked incorrectly at that time, and the bed was very smallStandard Room (south villa)
  • 4.3
  • The prepaid Business King Room in the main building, when confirmed by telephone, is the standard room, the room with meals, and the meal voucher should not be given. The hotel selected in order to go to the exhibition hall theater to watch the program is conveniently located. Overall, I felt it was very goodMain Building Business Queen Room
  • 4.8
  • The location is a little far away. The overall environment is very good, very quiet, and the health and service industries are good. Later, when I left, the front desk called for a car.Main Building Business Queen Room
  • 4.8
  • Good, good, good, goodBusiness Room (main villa)